How to “Import file from File Sharing”

Work with your computer
1. Create your price list data in excel program
2. Save file by choose format to .csv (Comma delimited) and set field options as follow;

3. Syn your iOS device to your computer
4. Open iTunes in your computer, choose your device and click menu "Apps"
5. Choose App"PriceList"
6. Click "Add" on right side, choose "add" button, add file from your computer to itunes.
7. Click button "Sync"

Work with app on your iOS device

1. Click "Import file" at "Options" menu

2. Choose file name (.csv) you want to use
3. Click "Import" button
4. Go to "PriceList" menu to view your price list data.

** Warning :
- To import new file, it will replace your current data.
- If you don't see new file, click refresh button.